Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So this blog is for my mom so she can basically know everything I'm doing when I'm at Harding. Or for anyone who just wants a fun read. I'm so excited for Harding I can hardly stand it. Between graduation, buying stuff for my dorm, and meeting all incoming freshmen I'm so ready. And Harding has defiantly given me a lot of teases. I've done Honors Symposium where I stayed at Harding for two weeks last summer, then I've done two Bison Dazes , and then I have Summer Stampede coming up in June. You would think that I've had enough Harding Bisons huh? But as they say, "It's Great to be at Harding!"

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  1. Hey megan i am so excited to follow your blog.. (:
    i posted a little something something about you in mine!! (: