Saturday, July 30, 2011

I don't know what the future holds. But I know who hold the future.

College is getting closer and closer by the minute. And I haven't even started packing!

I got into the dorm I wanted with the roommate I wanted and the suitemates I wanted. Everything is working out smashingly.

The nerves haven't kicked in yet. I bet they will though. I'm going to be nine hours away from where I have lived my whole life. When I was little I used to tell my parents I was going to go to NYU (that being the college farthest away from them) and now just the distance from Georgia to Arkansas is killer. I never realized how much I would miss my home state.

My friend re-wrote "Midnight Train to Georgia" to:
Megan's leaving on the Midnight Train to Searcy. 
Said she's leaving us. And Georgia doesn't care. 
Hopefully it's just a joke.

 But all of a sudden since I'm leaving I have felt this huge sensation of Georgia pride. I have NEVER liked the University of Georgia and I bought a UGA shirt because it represent Georgia somehow. I find myself listen to "The Devil went Down to Georgia", "Georgia Clay", "Georgia on my Mind", "Georgia Rain", basically anything that has Georgia in it and feel like throwing my hands in the air and screaming "OOOOO YYEEEAAAHHHH GEORGIA!!!" 

The best is:

"Welcome to Atlanta where the Playas Play 
and we ride on these this like everyday. 
Big beats, hit streets, see ganstas roamin.
 and parties don't stop till 8 in the mornin."

Theme song of my life.

But although I am going to miss Georgia, God has a plan for me and He is watching out. It makes me think of the passage Jeremiah 29:11.
Even though I'm scared, anxious, excited, unprepared and so many other things God is with me... always.

Harding better look out because they don't know what is about to hit them. 
So Fresh. So Clean. 
Harding Class of 2015!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are we there yet?

My life is so busy. Right now I'm in Natchez, Mississippi and about to head out for Monroe, Louisiana. I'm so excited to go to Matt and Jenny's wedding. Hopefully it will stop raining. Their wedding is on Saturday and there are predicted thunderstorms, but fingers crossed that it won't happen. 
I got to meet up with some of my cousins that I haven't seen in a while. 
And play with their kids.
We are going to eat lunch with them and then head out to see my moms side of the family.
My family has spent so much time together recently... in the car.
We spent 18 hours to and from Searcy and then 9 more to get to Natchez. Then to get to Monroe it will be around another 2 hours. So we will rack up 29 hours in the car by the end of today. 
By the time we get back to Georgia we will have 38 hours logged. 
Then on Thursday I will drive another 2 hours from my camp to meet up with my mission team to go to Glasgow, Scotland.
Making a grand total of 40 hours in the car. 
Then a 6 or 8 hour plane ride to Scotland. 
The phrase are we there yet is so an understatement right now.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

OH! I'm a Harding Student!

I just got back from Summer Stampede. It was so much fun. I'm so ready to be there now and to just get it all started. I got to meet a lot of new people and had loads of laughs with them. We got our schedule. 

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:

8:00 am Marketing Principles  Dr. Williams
9:00 am Chapel 
10:00 am Speech Dr. Pitt
11:00 am Psychology Dr. McNeal
1:00 pm Life and Teachings of Jesus (Bible) Dr. Cloer

On Tuesday and Thursday:
9:00 am Chapel
10:00 am (Right now I'm in Western Civ Dr. Fisher but I'm suppose to be in American History because of HUF)
1:00 pm Life and Teachings of Jesus (Bible) Dr. Cloer

And my Chapel seat is:
Section 300
Row G
Seat 6

We also learned some great songs like:

"You can run. You can hide. But you just cant fight the love"


I would like to attend your college.............
I would like to attend your college.............
I would like to attend your college.............

We also answered some ridiculous questions in a survey like: (True/False)

My family had one way of look at me when I was a child, and they didn't understand my feelings very well.
Out of all the things I could be doing right now, college seems like the worst thing to do.
I would like to counselor about...... (anything and everything you could think to put in the blank)

We jammed out to Backstreet Boys.
Had multiple Sonic dates.
Tried to understand why Midnight Oil wasn't open till Midnight
Played Sweetheart Tag in the GAC
Played and danced in the lilly pool
Stayed up late in the dorms
And had so much fun.

Harding Class of 2015... We are going to have so much fun!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh the Places You Will Go!

Sorry I haven' t been updating as well as I should be. But I can't say thing will get any better because in a couple of days my life is about to go crazy.

I leave for Sumer Stampede (my college registration) in two days. After this I will not be coming home for three weeks. After Stampede I am leaving straight from there and going to Natchez, Mississippi and visiting my dads side of the family before we go to my cousins wedding in Monroe, Louisiana. Then we will leave from the wedding and go straight to camp. And probably be coming in late to camp. Then I will leave early from camp and get on an eight hour plane headed to Glasglow, Scotland, where I will be staying for ten days. 

I'm not sure if I'm going to make it.But I'm super excited to be getting to do it all.

 I'm so ready to be at Harding it's insane. Stampede will be a good couple of days to see friends that I haven't in forever it feels like. We're going to be picking our classes and chapel seats and it all feels like it's becoming so real now. It's so close. I want to summer to hurry up but there's still so much to do to get ready.

We haven't seen our family in a good while. My nanny (that's what we call my dad's mom) lives in Natchez along with my millions of aunts, uncles, and cousins. So it will be nice to see them all again. And then my cousin Matt is (finally) getting married to Jenny. They have been dating for longer than I can remember. The first time I meet her I so called this wedding. I'm so happy for them. And we haven't got to see my cousin Matt and his sister Abby in an even longer time. I'm excited to see all my family!

Then we have Camp Inagehi. This is probably my favorite place in the world. I have gone every summer since I was nine. And this is the last year I can go as a camper. It's super sad. I love this place so much and it stinks that I'm not going to be able to get a full week of it, but it will still be so much fun. I have gotten so many spiritual highs from this place, meet amazing people that have changes and shaped my life, and made memories that will never be forgotten. It is my absolute favorite place to be.

Glasglow, Scotland. I GET TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY!!! WHOA BABY!! I'm so excited to be going on this mission trip and help share God's word an show His light where it can be hard to see. My preachers son and his wife are living there now and he is the youth minister at a church in East Kilbride. They have been there for months now. And they are truly amazing people. They have already helped so many people there. I feel honored to be able to get to go and be apart of this with them. They are truly an inspiration. And while I'm in Scotland I do plan on getting a kilt.

This is only part of my crazy summer. Only part of the journey to get to destination: Scarcely, Arkansas. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

P-A-R-T-Y! (don't let cha mama know)

So today is the day of my graduation party. I'm totes stoked! The moon bounce came yesterday and I had to test it out to make sure it was safe and fun.... it is. I got a different one than I thought I was getting. This one has full court basketball, soccer field, volleyball, twister, and wrestling. I think there's more I just don't remember it all. 

And the movie screen is up as well. We will be watching Tangled (I think) and be play Just Dance 2. Most of the parents are more excited to play Just Dance than the kids. This should be interesting. 
But right now is the boring part. The getting ready fir the party. It should hurry up and be seven already. That would be nice.

18 more days till Stampede. I'm so excited to meet up with everyone again. 

Friday, May 27, 2011


I don't know about you but it seems like the days are going by slower and slower than the one before. With all the countdowns I have going on I can't wait till they all get here. We have Summer Stampede, Camp Inagehi, Scotland, Day Camp, Camp Takodah and a summer full of fun. To bad my life is average till Stampede. 
OH and tomorrow is my graduation party! Complete with moon bounce/obstacle course/slide, a movie in the backyard and Just Dance 2 on a projector screen. Also I'm having my favorite mexican restaurant La Parilla cater the event. I'm so excited. I have some family coming in today so I know we'll have a blasty blast.